Inovasi Perguruan Tinggi Raharja Dalam Era Disruptif Menggunakan Metodologi iLearning


Untung Rahardja Ninda Lutfiani Arini Dwi Lestari Edward Boris P Manurung


Rapidly technological advancements have led to the emergence of a disruptive era, namely the innovation theory that was initiated by newcumbent, the publication of which threatened incumbent. The effect of this disruptive is a fundamentally significant and widespread technological innovation that changes the way human relations in various heresies is no exception to higher education. When viewed from a quantitative perspective, the growth is quite severe. However, if it is related to its quality, its development is worrying. Therefore, higher education must compete to change the learning system by following disruptive patterns in order to improve the quality of learning that will improve the quality of human resources. In this study there are 2 (two) methods, The results of this study present the readiness of Raharja University in the face of the disruptive era through iLearning. Where in the learning process includes 3 (three) things, called Rinfo, iDu and iMe.With this learning method, students become more innovative and critical thinking.


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